Naturalia – reference na332

KUDU ANTLERS – South Africa – 20th C
Smoothly polished Kudu antlers on a solid black iron base.
Like many other antelope, male kudus can be found in bachelor groups, but they are more likely to be solitary. Their dominance displays tend not to last long and are generally fairly peaceful, consisting of one male making himself look big by making his hair stand on end. When males do have a face-off, they will lock their horns in a competition to determine the stronger puller; kudus’ necks enlarge during the mating season for this reason. Sometimes two competing males are unable to unlock their horns and, if unable to disengage, will die of starvation or dehydration.

horn, bone, skin

64cm high – 43cm wide – 14cm depth

ex-Belgian private collection

€ 750

Expertly mounted
All dimensions are without the mounting