About Us

Quest for art consists of a small team of dedicated and passionate collectors and art dealers. Our goal is to offer unique pieces of high quality at a reasonable price. Ranging from small decorative objects to once in a lifetime antiques, the diversity in our collection helps you find a piece that fits perfectly with your interests and style.

Our brand’s history dates back to 2012 when we were founded by Norbert Van Durme (1962), who is still our proud owner. His passion started in the early 1980s when travelling to Africa in search of gems and adventure. After coming in contact with some of the stone-engraved pieces by Sierra Leone, he started his quest for art and has never stopped since. Not only is he an expert in antique, but also a refined diamond and gem examinator. He possesses an eye for detail which can be seen in every action our brand takes.

Besides dealing antiques and diamonds (on our other specialised website, Quest for Diamonds), we also work together with well-known designer brands such as Frigerio, Meridiani and Verzelloni. We offer a very personal collection of furniture that combines form with function. Our furniture collection can be described as modern with touches of classical elements.

What makes our gallery so special is the wide representation of primitive art originating from Africa, America, Asia and Oceania combined with the modernity of our designer furniture. Another notable fact is that we provide CITES documents with some of our older pieces. We are concerned for and respect all living creatures, including those who are endangered.

If you’d like to learn more about us or have any additional questions you can contact us. We also offer a monthly newsletter to keep you updated on our latest arrivals, where you can sign up for.

Enjoy our collection!