About Us

Quest for art consists of a small team of dedicated and passionate collectors and dealers who embrace a
fun-loving and no-nonsense attitude. With the belief that everything of beauty is someway connected, this website
will offer objects of quality in such a way that every pocket should be able to find something that he or she desires:
small objects to once in a lifetime discoveries.

It was founded by Norbert Van Durme (1962) who started collecting in the early 1980s when travelling to Africa in
search for Gems and adventure. When he came in contact with stone engraved objects from Sierra Leone, he
started collecting and has never stopped since. With the eye trained for diamond and gem examination and
grading, he ammassed objects and desiderata with the goal of perfection, aesthetics and quality.

Of course, as most collectors, we are well concerned for respect of living things, endangered animals and plants
and as such we treat the objects with care. Most of the objects here are from old collections and, when listed as
such, CITES documents are provided.


We believe that bycherishing the beauty of Nature, respect for all living things is being generated. It encourages
people to dig deeper into a fascinating and to most little known world.


Almost every item here presented will bring this extra touch to your cabinet, office or interior. It will be a delight of
nature you will enjoy forever as the intricate shapes continue to fascinate people.

The website also offers news which is important regarding the world of recent and primitive art, the beautiful and
the curious. So check it out regularly!

If you have questions or remarks, we would be more than happy to hear about them. Don’t hesitate to contact us
via our contact page.

We wish you a fascinating journey trough our website!