Lower Sepik River Ritual Mask – begin 20th C. – Papua NEW GUINEA

A well crafted and superb mask that has been collected around the beginning of the 20th century and that got some professional restauration. It a lovely wooden patina.
Sepik culture is (in)famous for the headhunting which took place in a long part of their history. Headhunting was part of growing up, and lasted to at least the 1960s. The famous anthropologist and heir Michael Rockefeller dissapeared in the Sepik region, his fate is still not clear today. Rumors have been going that he was eaten by Sepik People or crocodiles.

Lower Sepik or urik lakes masks are typically covered in Red pigment or have remnants on them. They are also typically pierced around the edges at least in a couple of places to allow the dancer to attach a bite stick or for them to be attached to a larger structure.


40cm high – 20cm wide



Expertly mounted
All dimensions are without the mounting